Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Say No to Health Care Legislation that Creates More Inequality

Kill so-called health care reform legislation UNLESS:

1) the public option is available to ALL;

2) the status quo ante is restored for private insurance coverage of reproductive decisions, including abortion;

3) public option coverage for individuals honors the complete reproductive rights of individuals;

4) the provision for government intervention into low income families with children through home visits is removed;

5) price controls on premiums are added; and

6) the scope of the basic benefits package is specified in the statute rather than delegated to an invisible administrative committee that will easily be captured by monied interests.

There are other reasons to defeat the current bills, no doubt.

The good parts of the bills -- eg, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions -- can be legislated separately. It makes no sense to authorize massive government income transfers to for-profit insurance companies. The structure of the current legislation, from abortion through the public option, will deepen inequalities in health coverage and provision, notwithstanding the extension of coverage to many who currently are uninsured.

Enough pussyfooting in the White House and horse-trading in Congress. Back to the drawing boards -- this time Medicare for All.

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