Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GOING FORWARD: Economic Justice for Women

Here are 10 policies to start us on the path to economic justice for women:

*Strengthen laws prohibiting and remedying discrimination in employment, including pay discrimination

*Re-value work performed by women in the labor market through comparable worth policy for active workers and retirement income adjustments to correct for women's lifetime income losses due to wage inequality

*Index the minimum wage to provide a living wage

*Provide universal, quality child care

*Guarantee universal, quality health provision through a single-payer system

*Expand unemployment insurance for workers who leave or lose jobs when child care breaks down; to deal with domestic violence; or to avoid sexual harassment

*Amend the Family Medical Leave Act to provide paid family leave for workers who leave employment to bear or adopt a child; care for sick family members; or assist elderly kin

*Provide paid sick days for workers to deal with their own medical issues

*Guarantee a caregiver’s allowance to provide an income (and economic recognition) for the work of raising children or caring for family dependents

*Apply a caregiver's income credit to the Social Security system's income history and benefits calculation for retirees

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