Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus - Women of Color Resource Center Action Plan

Enough with the apologies. Don Imus is a foul-mouthed barbarian and an incorrigible repeat offender. Clearly he’s got to go.

The corporations that promote Imus and provide him with a protective shield apparently believe that ongoing expressions of racism and sexism are fine, as long as they contribute to the bottom line. It’s time to make them recalculate.

Here are three things you can do to get Don Imus fired:

1. Boycott General Electric (GE).

It’s tough to boycott a radio show or a television broadcast, but it’s oh-so-easy to buy a different brand of light bulb.

Don Imus appears on MSNBC television in the morning. MSNBC is part of the NBC News Division. General Electric owns 80% of NBC. So buy another brand of light bulb. Hold off on buying that GE washer/dryer set until Imus is out of there. For a long list of GE consumer products that you can refuse to buy, visit
Hit GE in the wallet and hit them hard. Remind them that you have a long memory and that you expect Imus to stay fired.

Send a note to GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt letting them know you’ve switched brands – moved on to Sony, Whirlpool, whatever – and that you’ll consider buying GE again when Imus is gone. Send a copy to us at

Jeffrey R. Immelt - Chairman & CEO
Phone: (203) 373-2211

General Electric Company
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828-0001

2. Take it to the Top.

Don Imus’ radio show is broadcast via CBS Radio a division of CBS Corp. Les Moonves is the President/CEO of CBS Corp

He needs to hear from you. He already knows Imus is at least a temporary liability. Moonves and the CBS Board of Directors need to hear from you that he is an unsustainable, permanent liability. And we need to hear from them exactly how the protection of racist and sexist speech on their stations aligns with their mission, values and strategic plan. Demand a statement from the board as a whole and from each individual member.

Board member Bruce S. Gordon, until recently the Executive Director of the NAACP, has just called for Imus to be fired. Back up Mr. Gordon as he takes the lead in convincing his fellow board members that CBS can no longer afford Don Imus. Again, copy us at

Call Les Moonves directly: (323) 575-2600
FAX: (323) 653-8276

Leslie Moonves
CBS Television
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

3. Create an Irresistible Force.

Imus is a moveable object. We can get him fired.

Forward this e-mail to everyone you know. WORK YOUR LISTS!!! Expand the GE boycott, keep the pressure on the CBS board of directors. Imus’ two-week suspension is time for the suits to calculate how much it’s going to hurt them to keep him on board. It’s your job to let them know it’s going to hurt real bad.

Do it for the Scarlet Knights, for yourself and for all of us who deserve a healthier media environment.

Women of Color Resource Center

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